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AQUITANIA is a great store for furniture, lighting and decoration, yes, but above all it is a way of understanding life, of enjoying it through a sustainable prism, of tact, elegance and discretion.

We offer a timeless collection of furniture, lighting and accessories for interiors and exteriors. From robust tables in recovered teak wood to handmade pottery, handmade pieces and distinctive brands.


Our concern, values and emotion to share our philosophy has prompted us to project a visual symbiosis in our neighboring island. Our large showroom is located in Ibiza on the road Santa Eulalia. (Generate link to google map). It is a space where you can inspire, browse and test our full range of furniture, lighting and distinctive decorative pieces. Acquiring a greater value for our exterior. The garden next to our ponds embellish the environment and allow us to live with the water, its sound and its contact. And there is nothing better than having an environment like this to clear the mind.


We travel through the world to find objects that give us sensations and awaken our senses. It moves our passion for beauty, for natural things, for details and for simple things that, to be, say a lot.


It is the value that allows us to understand the needs of people and what surrounds us more clearly. It keeps the intellect and the open spirit to observe in the smallest details, the values of nature in design.


Like all human creative manifestations, AQUITANIA, it is also a soup of this phenomenon. A company in permanent motion and interacting in the day to find the union and relation that exists between the elements and the people. We pay close attention to the details, knowing that not only is buying some products, but distinctive pieces that will coexist with you and the environment.


Creating or lighting a space is more than putting objects, is to turn it into a place that transmits sensations, it is a place that is part of you. In AQUITANIA we put all our experience at your service to help you create your unique space.

Interior design

In AQUITANIA we carry out integral residential and commercial projects. We visit the space, we listen to your needs and transform it into a place that combines functionality and decoration.


We advise you on decoration, giving you ideas, choosing furniture, materials, textures and colors that best suits your idea. We believe that each client and each site are unique. That's why we also offer the possibility of designing and fabricating customized furniture or textiles to give the most personal touch to your spaces.


We will help you to select the most interesting lighting so that the space transmits through the light its own personality. We carry out projects of integral lighting inside and outside, for your home or your business, collaborating from the start with architects, interior designers or designers, or transforming and giving new light to the environments for adapt to your needs.